ACA Employee Benefits (previously known as Absa Consultants and Actuaries) joined forces with the formal agricultural sector and compiled a Provident Fund for every employee in the agricultural sector. The administration, advice and actuarial services for the Fund are handled by ACA Employee Benefits. The management of the Fund is handled by a Board of Management, with representatives from ACA, AGRI SA, LWO, TAU SA, as well as independent Board Members.

The Agricultural Sector Provident Fund comprises various plans, with each plan offering unique benefits. These plans are compiled in such a way as to offer individual members death, capital disability, accidental death/bodily loss and funeral benefits at affordable premiums with the inclusion of a savings component. The savings component is based on the gross contributions for every member of the Fund less the costs of administration, death, capital disability, accidental death/bodily loss and funeral benefits. The effectiveness of the savings component depends on the level of contributions, as well as the period over which contributions are made. The savings period of members who only joined the Fund at an older age is much shorter than those of younger members and subsequently their fund values will also be lower at retirement.

The Fund is extremely flexible and can satisfy a variety of needs while still uncomplicated enough to ease administration and limit costs.

Benefits for the Employer and his Employees

  • One monthly contribution covers all the benefits
  • Employees get peace of mind
  • Employees’ accumulated fund values are transferable from one employer to the next


Each employee decides which plan he or she wants to join. Employers are registered as participating employers within the Fund. All permanent employees between the ages of 16 and 65 years of age are required to join the Fund. The Fund is flexible enough to provide for employees to amend their plan within the Fund, if needed.